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School & Company Partnerships

Your Teacher Tutors Offers Customized Tutoring Services
for Schools, Companies, and Non-Profits

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Your Teacher Tutors is excited to partner with individual schools, school districts, non-profits, and companies to provide a variety of customized tutoring services for students in grades K-12.

What We Offer
We offer subject-specific tutoring, intervention tutoring, gifted & talented tutoring, and academic/executive-function coaching to schools, organizations, and companies looking to better serve their student population or employees.

Why Schools and Organizations Choose Your Teacher Tutors

Our partners can attest that choosing Your Teacher Tutors means a choice for value and substance. Our certified teacher tutor model guarantees and delivers expertise and results. Partnership with YTT affords expert, highly qualified, experienced educators, who deliver high-impact tutoring through evidence-based, data-driven instruction. Our tutors bring:

Expertise in Instruction
Teacher tutors are certified and use best practices coupled with their experience to assess students, plan accordingly, deliver instruction, and evaluate progress.

Love of Learning
Our teacher tutors are caring, highly qualified, and passionate. Each teacher will be strategically matched to the individual or group based on the students’ needs. Because we see all students as unique, with their own personalities and strengths, we don’t only address hard skills like math and reading; we also cater to student’s interests and inspire them to explore more of what they naturally love.

Well-Being Support
Teacher tutors infuse social-emotional learning skills into their instruction to foster a growth mindset, goal setting, and organizational skills in addition to achieving academic gains.

Communication & Collaboration
Our tutors and staff strive for prompt and courteous communication while working flexibly to align with strategies and interventions.

Documentation of Progress
We provide on-demand monthly progress reports to individual families & school administration.

School Partnerships

We’ve partnered with schools and school districts in and around the state of Maryland, throughout Washington, D.C., Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Our teacher tutors consistently delivered impeccable service through:

  • Implementing diagnostic assessment data to ensure students are getting supplemental support that is relevant and impactful.
  • Collecting data from students early on as a way of understanding where students are to take them where they need to go.
  • Using data points to inform and adjust their support and instruction tailored to each student.

The result—significant academic gains during their time with us, and beyond. Schools partnering with Your Teacher Tutors receive:

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Expert, Highly Qualified, Experienced Educators

Experienced educators make the best tutors because they know the curriculum, and more importantly, they know students. They are experts at what we do.
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Evidence-Based, Data-Driven Instruction

Our teacher-tutors understand data and stay up to date on the latest research to deliver effectiveness, every time.
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High-Impact 1:1, Small Group Tutoring

Our experienced educators jump right in with diagnostic assessments, personality tests, and parent-teacher observations to deliver tutoring support that is unique and focused.

Tutoring Solutions for Companies and Non-Profits

Great companies know that happy and healthy staff leads to happy and healthy work culture and bottom line. Parent employees perform better and more consistently when they know their children are getting the best education available. Employers benefit from:

  • Employee Retention: Employers don’t need to worry about losing a stellar employee because they can’t keep up with the demand of working and caring for their children’s academic needs.
    Peace of Mind: Employees whose kids are benefitting from academic support are less frustrated, less stressed, and more productive.
  • Convenience and Access: YTT’s educators are happy to meet your employee’s children wherever makes the most sense! We’ve had educators come into the office, we’ve had teachers go to employees’ homes, and we’ve had educators work with students virtually.
  • High-Quality Services: Our tutors are certified, vetted, and come highly recommended by school administrators and personnel. Your employees want to know their children are in good hands and making significant academic gains above their peers. That’s our specialty.
  • Easy Onboarding: When you partner with YTT, we handle everything. You just provide us with the employees who want the service and we’ll take it from there, providing you with progress monitoring and reporting every step of the way, so you can see and experience the value firsthand.

YTT is here to offer peace of mind solutions to organizations


  • 1:1 & Small-Group Tutoring
  • Specialty Tutoring
  • Academic Coaching
  • Qualitative Assessments
  • Progress Monitoring & Reporting


  • Maryland
  • DC
  • Virginia
  • Pennsylvania
  • Online


  • School Hours
  • After School
  • Weekends
  • Flexible Hours
  • Schedule Friendly

How Can We Help You?

Students who work with YTT grow an average of 1.25 grade levels after 6 months of weekly tutoring sessions with Your Teacher Tutors. In other words, 1 hour per week is enough to improve your child’s school standing by almost a grade and a half!
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Personalized Tutoring

If you or your child needs help with a specific class/content area or you want to get ahead.
Test Prep

Test Preparation

If you’re looking to pass or improve your score on an important test/exam, you’ve found your help!
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School Partnerships

If you're a school educator or administrator and would like to provide a little extra help for your students.

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