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Science Tutoring

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Why Choose YTT for Science Tutoring

Science can be tricky for students of all ages as it involves a wide array of memorization, analysis, comprehension, creative thinking, and more. Your Teacher Tutors offers science tutoring for elementary, middle, and high school students to build a comprehensive understanding of concepts from general science to physics.

If your child needs help with science, we’re here for you. Children who work with Your Teacher Tutors gain an average of 1.25 grade levels after just three quarters of once-a-week tutoring. Our one-on-one tutoring offers a personalized approach to identify your child’s strengths and needs by creating an individualized plan.

With Science Tutoring from Your Teacher Tutors, your child will:

  • Receive a personalized approach to science. A one size fits all approach doesn’t work when learning scientific concepts. Our science tutors use varied strategies to help students understand science in a way that makes sense to them.
  • Attain higher grades. Our science tutors help students build a solid foundation and understanding to prepare them for what comes next—whether it’s the next grade level, AP classes or college.
  • Be prepared. Personal tutoring can benefit all students, whether your child wants to enter their next grade level confidently, receive an extra challenge, or prepare for college entrance exams.
  • Build confidence. Our science tutors will constantly adjust your child’s individualized learning plan.

Elementary School Science Tutoring

Science tutoring in elementary schools ensures your child will have a solid understanding of introductory topics. With Your Teacher Tutors, your child will learn:

  • How the world works
  • The basic building blocks of scientific principles
  • Critical thinking and organizational skills

Middle School Science Tutoring

Science and math start to collide in middle school, leading to more complicated scientific concepts. This merger of topics can be challenging for students, especially at such a critical time of personal growth. Our middle school science tutors will help your student:

  • Understand and become confident in beginner scientific theories and equations
  • Confidently merge math and science concepts
  • Improve general science skills, including the solar system, cell biology, and the beginning physics concepts of force, gravity, matter, and more.
  • Improve earth science skills, including tectonics, oceans, atmosphere, the solar system, and more.

High School Science Tutoring

Introducing more complicated science concepts that involve vocabulary and math equations can lead to frustration. If your teenage student is struggling to keep up, taking an AP class, or trying to get ahead, our science tutors can help fill in knowledge gaps—or give them an extra challenge to broaden their education. Your Teacher Tutors can help your student:

  • Expand upon or fill gaps in general science and earth science concepts
  • Enhance understanding of biology and anatomy
  • Introduce and build confidence in chemistry skills
  • Improve problem-solving and abstract-thinking skills for physics success

How Can We Help You?

Students who work with YTT grow an average of 1.25 grade levels after 6 months of weekly tutoring sessions with Your Teacher Tutors. In other words, 1 hour per week is enough to improve your child’s school standing by almost a grade and a half!
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Personalized Tutoring

If you or your child needs help with a specific class/content area or you want to get ahead.
Test Prep

Test Preparation

If you’re looking to pass or improve your score on an important test/exam, you’ve found your help!
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School Partnerships

If you're a school educator or administrator and would like to provide a little extra help for your students.

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