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Reading/ELA Tutoring

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Why Choose YTT for Reading Tutoring & ELA Tutoring

Reading is the basis for all learning and educational success. Struggles with reading can have a significant negative impact on your child—from lower self-esteem to reduced classroom participation and more. Tutoring can help students of any age overcome these obstacles and excel academically.

If your child needs reading help, we’re here for you. Children who work with Your Teacher Tutors gain an average of 1.25 grade levels after just three quarters of once-a-week tutoring. Our one-on-one tutoring offers a personalized approach to identify your child’s strengths and needs by creating an individualized plan.

With Reading & ELA Tutoring from Your Teacher Tutors, your child will:

  • Improve reading comprehension. Students of all ages can have difficulty remembering what they read. Our reading tutors utilize research-based strategies to help students not only understand but also retain the information they have read.
  • Increase reading speed. Students read at varying speeds, but our reading tutors can help improve speed while maintaining comprehension, when reading feels like an uphill battle.
  • Enhance reading accuracy. Mispronouncing words and guessing their meaning can be detrimental to reading progress. Tutoring gives students the skills to improve their reading accuracy and allows them to create a foundation that they can build upon.
  • Build confidence. Our reading tutors will continually adjust your child’s individual plan to keep reading fun and challenging. As they reach goals and rise to challenges, their confidence in their newfound skills will inspire them to keep reading and improving.

Early Literacy Tutoring

We understand the foundational importance of early literacy. Our specialized tutoring programs are designed to support students from kindergarten through fourth grade, covering all critical aspects of reading and writing development.

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics: We begin with the basics by enhancing phonemic awareness—helping children understand how letters are linked to sounds. This foundation is crucial for developing decoding skills, which we strengthen through targeted phonics instruction.

Chunking and Word Recognition: As students progress, we focus on chunking strategies to improve word recognition. This technique breaks down words into manageable units, making reading more approachable and less daunting for young learners.

Fluency and Comprehension: Our teachers work diligently to improve reading fluency, ensuring that students can read smoothly at an appropriate pace. More importantly, we emphasize reading comprehension, teaching students to extract meaning from text and apply it to their own experiences.

Choose YTT to empower your child with the skills they need for academic success in literacy. With our expert guidance, we make learning to read engaging and effective, setting the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

How Can We Help You?

Students who work with YTT grow an average of 1.25 grade levels after 6 months of weekly tutoring sessions with Your Teacher Tutors. In other words, 1 hour per week is enough to improve your child’s school standing by almost a grade and a half!
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Personalized Tutoring

If you or your child needs help with a specific class/content area or you want to get ahead.
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Test Preparation

If you’re looking to pass or improve your score on an important test/exam, you’ve found your help!
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School Partnerships

If you're a school educator or administrator and would like to provide a little extra help for your students.

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