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Writing Tutoring

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Why Choose YTT for Writing Tutoring

Writing is a fundamental skill necessary for students of all ages to master and goes beyond traditional education. It allows students to express their unique ideas and work through complex problems in a detailed manner—skills that take significant practice and guidance. If your child blankly stares at their paper, loses most test points on short answers or essay questions, or becomes upset during writing homework assignments, writing tutoring can ease frustration for students and parents alike.

Whether your child needs help with writing fundamentals or an extra push to take their knowledge to the next level, we’re here for you. Children who work with Your Teacher Tutors gain an average of 1.25 grade levels after just three quarters of once-a-week tutoring. Our one-on-one tutoring offers a personalized approach to identify your child’s strengths and needs and create a tailored, individualized plan.

With Writing Tutoring from Your Teacher Tutors, your child will:

  • Improve communication skills. Individualized tutoring helps students learn to communicate their thoughts and feelings in an organized, structured manner.
  • Effectively organize thoughts and ideas. Breaking the writing process into small, manageable sections helps students convey ideas without frustration.
  • Develop test-taking skills. From science to social studies to math, writing is a crucial skill to succeed in test-taking.
  • Build confidence. Our writing tutors will constantly adjust your child’s individual plan to keep writing fun and challenging as they develop their writing voice.

Elementary School Writing Tutoring

Writing tutoring in kindergarten through 5th grade starts with developing a solid writing foundation. Students will learn how to convey their ideas effectively and concisely.

Whether your elementary school student is just getting started with basic writing skills or is already a confident writer looking for an increased challenge, we can help. From letter formation to writing clearly, elementary writing tutor students will learn:

  • Capitalization and punctuation
  • Grammar basics
  • Sentence writing
  • Paragraph writing

Middle School Writing Tutoring

Middle school students begin to face increased expectations, furthering the necessity for solid writing skills as they transition to higher-level writing. This includes a foundation in proper grammar and punctuation and expands to composition structure in academic writing.

With college entrance exams—like the ACT and SAT—just ahead, now is the perfect time to work with a writing tutor. Middle school writing tutoring students will improve skills in:

  • Grammar, punctuation, and word usage
  • Writing process and style
  • Executing test essays
  • Writing reports and long-form text

High School Writing Tutoring

Transitioning to high school is difficult for most students. Social and extracurricular obligations grow, leaving less time for book reports, research projects, essays, and more. It can become more challenging to write effectively and persuasively while remaining organized.

Even with a smooth transition, the extra demand of college entrance exams and the dreaded essays are another stressor for students to face. High school writing tutoring will help students solidify and sharpen their skills in:

  • Punctuation and word usage
  • Writing process and style
  • Writing test essays and reports
  • Poetry
  • Author’s purpose

How Can We Help You?

Students who work with YTT grow an average of 1.25 grade levels after 6 months of weekly tutoring sessions with Your Teacher Tutors. In other words, 1 hour per week is enough to improve your child’s school standing by almost a grade and a half!
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