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Academic Coaching

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Academic Coaching from High-Quality Teachers

YTT’s academic/executive-function coaching service differs slightly from the one-on-one tutoring in that it focuses on the process of learning, as well as the skills and strategies needed to be successful, independent learners across the board – in all classes and areas of life. Where one-on-one tutoring hones in on the unique academic content presented in each class (setting up Calculus equations or identifying the main idea of a text for example), academic coaching looks at learning from a birds-eye view to create an individualized plan of action for achievement.

Personalized Learning Style Assessments

YTT believes there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Our academic coaches provide students with a personality test, learning style assessment, and make formal & informal observations about a student’s approach to learning before creating a customized plan to set students up for success organizationally. Our academic coaches show students how to:

  • Manage their time effectively
  • Structure their assignments into achievable timelines
  • Study more efficiently
  • Prepare for tests
  • Communicate effectively with parents and teachers

How Can We Help You?

Students who work with YTT grow an average of 1.25 grade levels after 6 months of weekly tutoring sessions with Your Teacher Tutors. In other words, 1 hour per week is enough to improve your child’s school standing by almost a grade and a half!
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Personalized Tutoring

If you or your child needs help with a specific class/content area or you want to get ahead.
Test Prep

Test Preparation

If you’re looking to pass or improve your score on an important test/exam, you’ve found your help!
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School Partnerships

If you're a school educator or administrator and would like to provide a little extra help for your students.

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